Our Story

About Us

After fifteen years of partnering together, Ronald Werner and Munir “Louis” Shapo opened LouRonzo’s in historic downtown Stuart.  Since the restaurant’s beginning in 2014, Ron had a very clear vision as to what he wanted LouRonzo’s to become. Utilizing his restaurant background, he insisted on creating a unique fine dining experience coupled with outstanding service.  Ron personally oversaw every last detail of the restaurant, to ensure everything was done to perfection and that each diner left with an unmatched experience.

Mr. Werner was happiest when he was around his guests. As an 18-year Stuart resident, he spent every evening in the restaurant, sharing stories and mingling with customers. He had a heart of gold and treated everyone like family. His emphasis on the importance of hospitality is part of what sets LouRonzo’s above the rest.

In November 2018, Ron passed away.  It is now Louis’ goal to keep Ron’s dream alive. Recent major changes to both the interior and exterior of LouRonzo’s have been made, with the promise to continue implementing Ron’s standards for an unforgettable dining experience. He is surely looking down on us with delight, as LouRonzo’s continues to grow and flourish while maintaining our long-standing commitment to exquisite quality and exceptional service. We are excited for what is to come, and we look forward to sharing it with you!